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Training hints and tipsPosted by wayne Fri, November 24, 2017 15:12:52

You don't want to be losing muscle

There's a really cool, smart machine at my gym,, it measures your body composition in % and kg. It'll tell you how much water you have, muscle mass and fat! Amazing, right!?

I've tested myself 2 weeks ago, and I was positively surprised with the results. 90 points out of 100 for the body composition, 15.8% fat and a decent amount of lean muscle mass. I was chuffed and motivated to push it a bit more. My end goal 13% of body fat to finish "cutting".

After 2 weeks, excited as hell, I jump on the magic machine again just to find out that I LOST WEIGHT, LOST 1 KG OF MUSCLE AND GAINED 0.4% OF FAT

The mother of gains! Why!?

So here's a list of things you need to go through if it happens to you:

βœ” PROTEINS - you need a good amount of proteins in your diet to maintain and/or build muscles. Typically 1.5 - 2.0 g per body weight in kg. Definitely not my case as even on my naughty days I make sure I get 140g of proteins. So let's look further...

βœ” HYDRATION - your muscles are primarily made up of water. You need to stay hydrated for your body to function properly. Note that even 3% dehydration leads to great loss in muscle strength. Not my case again, as I can easily take in 3- 4 litres of water πŸ™ƒ what's next?

βœ”REST & SLEEP - you need to get a decent amount of sleep and rest in order to recover from hard workouts. Everyone differs, some people need 5 hours of sleep, some 8. You need to find you ideal! Let's dig in deeper!

βœ” STRESS - that's what I think have contributed in this slight fat gain. Cortisol - the stress hormone reduces ability to burn fat, makes your cells less sensitive to insulin and raises your levels of fatty acids and tryglicerydes in your blood. I'm going to start doing yoga.

βœ” TRAINING - here's where I made the mistake and here's where I'll talk about individuality! We need to be very careful with the training regime we choose when in a calorie deficit. You want to choose the training type that will stimulate your muscles and enhance fat burning.

2 weeks ago I gave a try to a 6,12, 25 method. For 1 muscle group you choose 3 exercises and do them back to back with no rest. First for 6 reps with long eccentric phase, second for 12 reps with 3 sec eccentric phase and last one is 25 rels dynamic 2:1 tempo. You repeat it 5 times.

As I like to go all out in my training I repeat my workouts 2x a week for each muscle group and even add 20 min steady cardio or tabata at the end just because it felt way to quick. That's basically how I must have burnt my muscles!




I am now going back to heavy lifts in max super sets, no more than 12 reps. Focusing on big moves, specially olympic lifts and adding hiit sessions as my cardio.

It's important to choose the training that makes you feel good and gives you results!


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