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Injury,Illness and age

Training hints and tipsPosted by wayne Thu, August 31, 2017 22:34:49

How hard do you find it to to deal with an injury that stops you from training,running or cycling?

Should you train through illness or rest and recover?

They say age is no boundary and I understand the phase but surely its harder at 50 than 25.

Fitness, exercise, diet and lifestyle are always discussed and promoted as key factors in living a full healthy life but are there detrimental factors in training hard.

Lets look at injury first.

I have often said to myself,clients and anyone inclined to listen, that if we were not prepared to run or train through a niggle or mild injury then we would seldom run at all. What I mean is how often do you run and feel completely injury free? Certainly as age creeps up on us it gets harder and harder to recover from exertion. Of course genes play a major part, we all know a Peter Pan than never seems to age and defies every additional year. But to most of us our joints, muscles and bones bare the brunt of time.

So should we ignore these little aches and pains or should we rest and clock up the sessions on the physios table?

Key point here is. I am obviously not a doctor, neither am I a medic of any sort. I know about bones,bodies,joints,muscles etc which helps me make decisions but if your in any doubt, see a medical professional. Having said that most doctors will when pushed admit it isn't an exact science. I'm sure i have told this story before but its very true. I had the old style cartilage operation on my knee at a very early age, 14 actually, a large part of it was trimmed and 2 years later the rest was removed. Both involved cuts and stitches. This procedure makes the joint prone to early arthritis and meant 3 further, Cleaning of the joint, Arthroscopes. 10 years later,age 30, an orthopedic surgeon told me if I was 20 years older then they would do a knee replacement but I was too young. The perfect excuse not to run. Only when I needed to lose weight and get fitter did I forget that excuse and start very slow jogging.This eventually lead to more serious running ( despite my large frame ) and a few sub 140 half marathons. Point being, my knees are far more pain free as a runner than pre-running. Many old school doctors will still advise,running is bad for the knees but more and more are advocating the huge benefits.

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