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DIY PT session

Training hints and tipsPosted by wayne Sat, June 20, 2015 17:32:25
Training at home or on your own.

Training at home or alone can be tough. In fact only a small percentage of us have the drive and commitment to regularly train alone.
We may start off ok, following an online program or workout DVD but its always hard to stay motivated. Specially when the going gets tuff.

So the best way to stick to any training program is to find a training partner or 2 .

Often on the days you may feel less inclined to train your partner may be buzzing to get fit. This will not only lift you to get off your butt, you will also feel like your letting them down if you pull out.
Take it in turns to take the roll of the trainer. Plan your session and direct your gym buddy from the start.
Research a workout suitable for you both and let your buddy know your plans.