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Why Hire a PT ?

Training hints and tipsPosted by wayne Thu, May 07, 2015 23:03:18

Hiring a professional is far cheaper than hiring an AMATEUR

An experienced, fully qualified, REPs registered Personal trainer can help anyone get the most benefit from a fitness program. Whether you are a professional athlete, a weekend sports enthusiast, or just thinking about getting in shape for the summer, I can help you improve your performance and your results. Let’s look at benefits of using your own personal trainer.

1. Technique
Personal trainers know how to teach proper techniques for each type of exercise. They can help you with each move as you make it. You will know immediately if you are doing the exercise correctly, and, if not, what needs to be changed. You can’t get that kind of feedback from a YouTube video. Using proper technique is critical to preventing injuries and achieving the desired results.

2 . Knowledge of Fitness and Nutrition
Good personal trainers stay current on the science of fitness and nutrition. They can provide you with advice on the types of food and supplements that can help you meet your particular goals. The nutrition requirements for losing weight are very different from those for body building. The same is true for the types of exercise and fitness training. Proper nutrition can help you meet your goals more quickly. Your trainer should know which practices, foods and supplements are safe and beneficial and which could be ineffective or harmful.

3. Motivation
Your PT will help you develop a program to meet your goals. Between each session, you will be expected to practice and work out. Your trainer will check on your progress at the next session. Your trainer will set expectations of you and hold you accountable for achieving results. Your personal trainer will encourage you to work hard to achieve your objectives.

Make sure your Squating right

4. One size does not fit all.
A personal trainer will design the fitness program or workout routine that will best suit your needs and current physical condition. We are skilled and experienced in the most effective ways to achieve fitness goals. Your trainer will guide you on the type and amount of practice you will need to do between sessions to achieve your goals without injury. Adjustments will be made as you progress to continue your improvement. In addition to this I can now offer you a fitness and nutritional program designed specifically for you, using ground breaking genetic profiling.

5. Training for your sport or specific goal.
If you are training for a particular sport or physical fitness goal, your personal trainer will recommend exercises which can improve your performance.Training you with your particular challenge in mind.Your PT can develop specific programs to improve endurance, speed, flexibility, or strength in the areas needed for your sport.

fitness is all about raising the bar. The most important word I use for any client is OVERLOAD. The state or phase your body reaches when it has been pushed to its limit. To the point it hasn't reached before. this is the point the body learns to improve from. The human body is very clever. it quickly adapts to what we ask it to do. reaching overload and asking it to do that bit more is how it improves. CONTENT, or COMPLACENCY are words I do not use. Always Faster, Fitter, Stronger.