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Training hints and tipsPosted by wayne Thu, September 15, 2016 15:17:18


After various stage of assessing life after my Heart Attacks. The major thing I now have straight in my head is this.

We have one life, no rehearsals, no going back and certainly no second chances. I have made numerous mistakes in my life but I have now come to terms with putting all that behind me.

The last Heart Attack being the biggy, the one that scared me as I thought I was a gonna. Changed my thought process a lot.

The what ifs, how would a different outcome have affected me and everyone else. I am not going to go into the private things this has forced on me or the people involved but what I will explain is my changes, both mentally and physically.

Those that know me well know of my passion for fitness. Many would have described it as an obsession. Rightly so for a long time it took over my life.

Imagine your doctor, or in my case cardiologist telling you something had saved your life. For me that was my fitness. “Wayne if it wasn’t for your high levels of fitness you probably wouldn’t be here”. Of course it was going to remain high priority but for me it took over my life. That and my fragile mental state after the last episode cost me my marriage, some very close friends and very nearly an awful lot more.

What I had become was not really a very nice person; I was selfish and self centred. My fitness and health came above living. No drinking, completely teatotal. No socialising, I wouldn’t eat out as I couldn’t trust finding anything healthy. My time was purely about me.

Yes I Trained my clients and gave them my full focus and knowledge but lots of that was still about me. About me proving something to myself.

So what’s changed?

Simple really! I realised I was working so hard at trying to stay alive that I wasn’t really living.

Today’s Wayne World is all about living. Living everyday to the max.

Yes my training and health is still very important to me but it doesn’t get in the way of life.

Everything in moderation is the key.

Have a drink but don’t have to drink to access.

Treat yourself to a meal out or a cheat day but not every day.

Pick an event, sport or goal to train for, but don’t train for the sake of it. Especially not overtraining.

As for friends and family,

Yes put yourself first but not at the expense of others.

If what you do has a negative impact on someone else’s life, let them go. Let them go and do what is best for them.

One life for you ------------ LIVE IT

One life for everyone ---------------- LET THEM LIVE IT