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Feelgood Factor

Training hints and tipsPosted by wayne Wed, June 29, 2016 21:37:42

Ok! How many of us feel good about ourselves?

I'm talking confidence here not arrogance.

Our head rules our hearts, our bodies. If we can't get it positive in our heads then the body will never follow.

Think back to school, It doesn't matter where you were in the the social pecking order at school. One of the biggest motivator or booster was the GOLD STAR, the HOUSE POINT or the PAT ON THE BACK.

Remember how good that felt as a child ?????

Actually it almost certainly felt as good for your teacher.

In other words positive breeds positive. It feels just as great to give a compliment or a reward as it does to receive one.

Best of all, unlike flowers, a bonus or a gift. It costs nothing.

So tomorrow.

If you are a Boss.

Thank your staff for the good job they do, Say well done.

If you're a Husband, Wife, Boyfriend or Girlfriend.

Tell your partner how beautiful or sexy they look, how special they are to you.

If you're a Father or a Mother, How ever much that teenager is pushing the boundaries or that 2 year old is testing your patients.

Show them you understand and cut them some slack. Give them a hug.

If you're a child.

Make an effort to tidy your room or get your butt out of bed for school.

Hold doors open, Thank the bus driver or shopkeeper. Smile, don't scowl at your colleagues, Cut the impatient driver some slack for jumping the queue.

Most of all remember POSITIVE breeds POSITIVE. NEGATIVE just brings us all DOWN.


Training hints and tipsPosted by wayne Wed, June 29, 2016 21:01:13

Adherence is always the hardest aspect of reaching a physique goal. The physiology is very simple, if you eat less and move more, your body drops weight & fat, this is thermodynamics, on the flip side, if you eat more and move less you gain weight. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, just transformed or transferred from one type to another - remember this in school?

Well it's yet to be disproved, so when you eat , that energy is stored as fat, unless we use it as fuel... This is very simple, however putting into practice is much harder, otherwise we would all have the look we want.

Adherence takes practice, everything we do takes practice. There will be lots of mistakes on the way to changing your lifestyle habits to the extent that adherence then isn't a choice but habitual behavior.


So don't be disheartened when you can't Adhere, this then doesn't mean oh well I can't do this so I may as well go back to eating crap all day. It means you just need to keep practicing, each day remind yourself of the goal and try your best to tick off that day as close to 100 percent as you can, some days will be great, some not so much, but if across a week your average more great days then not, your making progress I assure you.

Thanks to JP

Couch 2- 5k

Training hints and tipsPosted by wayne Tue, May 31, 2016 17:53:51
We can all run.

Ok, so I want to start with a few facts on Running.

Point number 1,

It is a myth that running gives you bad knees. Obviously there are some injuries that can prevent people from running or just make in uncomfortable either during or after but for most people running will do you far more good than harm. I am a small living proof of this.
I had my first cartilage operation at 13/14 due to a tear from early age football. In those days that meant a 4 inch cut to the inside of the knee and a long rehabilitation program.
This procedure was followed up by 1 more open knee operation and 3 further keyhole procedures. A senior orthopedic surgeon told me 18 years ago (aged 33) that my knee was in such bad condition, if I had been 20 years older they would be considering a knee replacement. He followed this up with 2 important facts.

1. Our Knees carry our full body weight and as such the heavier we are the worse it is for our knees. (advice LOOSE SOME WEIGHT )

2. The stronger the stabilizing and supporting muscles are the better your knees will be.

(advice EXERCISE/ RUN )

Right so it took me a few more years to even consider this advice and even in my early fitness days. I used my dodgy knees as a reason not to run on the road.

The biggest points to all of this is are these.

Without running I wouldn't have lost the weight I did.
Running is in my opinion the best weight management exercise there is.
We are born and designed to run, far more than we are to sit on our bums.
Yes of course your legs will hurt during or after a run, specially as we get older, but that is what exercise does. It makes our muscles hurt but they repair and get stronger. Thus the phrase NO PAIN NO GAIN.

Taking all of that on board, if you have an illness or injury and are not sure if you should be starting any sort of exercise program. You should consult your doctor. If your not sure just ask and don,t be afraid to get a second opinion. Most younger doctors see far more benefits from exercise these days than negatives.

Before I come on to the program, there are 2 things I recommend.

1, A good running pair of trainers. ( Go to a specialist running shop and get your Gait tested)

Gait test

2, When you start running, try to think of your legs and feet as shock absorbers. Stay as light on your feet as possible.

Now for the program.

Week 1.

Day 1

Initial Test.

So in order to ascertain your starting point we need to do an initial test.

After a short warm up walk.

I want you to go out and run as fast as you can, for as long as you can and count your paces/steps.(each foot,so right left right left is 4)

When you are done stop and walk to recover for the same amount of paces.

Then I want you to jog very slowly, nice and lightly on your toes for the same amount of steps.Walk to recover then repeat.

So example.

Walk = 30 steps warm up

Test = 30 steps, 15 with each.

walk = 30 steps,

jog = 30 steps,

walk = 30 steps,

jog = 30 steps,

walk back home to recover.

This should equal approx 360 steps, of which are running

Day 2 Rest Day.

Day 3

Repeat day 1 trying to increase your initial test run by 10. Don,t forget your warm up walk.


Walk = 30 steps
Fast run = 40 steps
walk 40
run 40
walk 40
run 40

Brisk walk back home.

Day 4 Active recovery

Brisk walk for the same amount of steps as day 3,s total.

Day 5

Repeat day 1 and 3 format,
run hard (dont forget to count)
walk home.

Day 6 Rest Day

Full rest day.

Day 7 #SundayisRunday

Just Run, nice steady pace, walk when you have to but try and run as much as you can. record the Time,Distance if you have the means to and number of steps you ran.

Week 2

Endurance week

This week is about building stamina and increasing the distance,time you run for. So forget the speed work. This week is about slow steady state running.

Day 1

Initial test is to run slow and steady, recording either your distance (lots of apps, devices etc available for this ) time or steps before you have to stop and walk.

Then walk and recover for exactly half the distance that you have just run. Turn and try to run all the way back without walking. If you have to stop and walk, mentally mark the point you stopped.

Day 2

Rest day

Day 3

As day 1 but if you managed to jog all the way back then, make sure you increase the distance by a comfortable amount. If you didn't, then push yourself past the point you stopped and walked.

Day 4

Active recovery, half an hour brisk walk,swim or bike ride.

Day 5

repeat day 1 and 3 but doing our best to increase the distance by approx 10 %

Day 6

Rest Day

Day 7


same as week 1, just get out and run.

Pt Waynes Squat Challenge

ChallengesPosted by wayne Sun, February 07, 2016 20:08:56
PT Wayne,s friends2fitness.

Squat Challenge in aid of Sports relief.

Watch the You Tube Video.

Donate £1 or £10, we don,t mind and then take on our 30 day Squat Challenge.

Donate here. click the link.

Click here for Motivation.

friends2fitness Posts

Training hints and tipsPosted by wayne Sun, February 07, 2016 19:52:38

Belly Fat.
By Adrian James.

Adrian James is a well known fitness guru. Famous for his top quality fitness Apps.

If there’s one type of fat we could all use less of, it’s belly fat. Excess stomach fat isn’t just unsightly: it can also be dangerous to your health. Research has shown that people carrying too much stomach fat have an increased risk of diabetes and heart disease. This type of fat, which accumulates around your stomach and internal organs, produces toxins that can affect your overall well being. Craving a flat stomach isn’t just about vanity – it’s about safeguarding your health.

Why is belly fat so dangerous?

There are two types of fat stored in your abdominal area. The first type, which prevents your abs from being visible, is called subcutaneous fat. It lies directly beneath the skin and on top of the abdominal muscles. The second type, known as visceral fat, is stored around the internal organs such as the liver, pancreas and intestines. Visceral fat may not be visible, but it should not be ignored: it’s been linked to the production of toxic compounds that can affect insulin sensitivity, leading to diabetes. These chemicals also trigger inflammation, which has been associated with a higher risk of cancer. To exacerbate matters, research has shown that people who carry excess visceral fat are more likely to develop mood problems, depression and sleep disorders.

How to get rid of belly fat.

If you want to banish belly fat, you’re going to have to exercise your whole body. The exercises found in the Adrian James 6 Pack Abs Workout are great for developing your abdominal muscles. For those abs to become visible, however, you’ll also need to burn off the fat that’s covering them. That’s why the app works best when paired with Adrian James High Intensity Interval Training – the former will build your six-pack while the latter vanquishes belly fat to reveal them in all their glory.

Train right, eat right

If you’re intent on reducing stomach fat, exercise alone will not be enough: you’ll also need to eat right. As the saying goes, abs are made in the kitchen. You can perform crunches all day but if you’re stuffing your body with junk food, you’re wasting your time. For a smaller waist, choose a diet that’s low in sugar and rich in whole grains, green vegetables and complex carbs. To speed up weight loss, try supplementing your diet with Thermoblaze. Three capsules a day will gently raise your metabolism and help you develop a lean physique faster.

Attack fat from all angles

Losing belly fat and keeping it at bay calls for a three-pronged attack. Regular exercise, a healthy diet and smart supplementation hold the key to hitting your goal. For best results, try lifting weights 2-3 times a week in addition to following the HIIT and abs exercises found in the Adrian James Body Transformation Pack. Track your progress by measuring your waist circumference once a fortnight or using a body fat scale that can record visceral fat.

Don’t ignore stomach fat until it’s become a problem: start tackling it now and you’ll reap the rewards every single day. Say goodbye to belly fat. Say hello to better health, a better figure and a happier, more active life.

January is Gym Mayhem

Training hints and tipsPosted by wayne Wed, December 30, 2015 12:18:26
We are fast approaching that time again, JANUARY !!!

Our gyms will be full of people trying to stick to their New Years resolutions.

The first section of this blog is all for the new gym goers or those returning after a long lay off.
Lets say the not so fit or exercise sceptics.


These days you have a lot more choice when it comes to gym memberships. Gone are the days when the only options were 12 month memberships, tied into direct debits. Budget gyms, pay as you go gyms and short term memberships are available across the country.

GREAT !!!, Well in some cases yes but weigh up your options.

Some of the new chains such as PURE GYM , XERCISE4LESS and BUDGETGYM all do a great job of providing good quality equipment for a very reasonable membership fee.

What I feel they often do not provide are quality, experienced, professionally qualified staff.
Unfortunately the fitness industry has recently had an influx of training company's only interested in taking our money. They offer what I call cereal box qualifications with very little learning requirement and often no hands on or practical training/testing.

The Personal Trainers and Fitness instructors are in my opinion what makes a good gym.

It may seem a bit more expensive to hire a professional REPs registered PT but believe me it could cost you a lot more in the long run to hire an Amateur.
Worse case could be injury or illness created from ill informed sessions or programs. Certainly your progress and rewards will be a longer coming, if ever ?

Wayne Martin

Registration Number: R0126918
Status: Full
Level: 3
Categories: Gym, Personal Trainer
Expiry Date: 22 July 2016

So before you rush into any type of gym membership do some or all of these things.

Ask yourself what your goals are and how you think this can be achieved ?

Its very important to be clear in your own mind what you want from this, weigh/fat loss, muscle definition, run a marathon,

If you have previously attained those levels of fitness how did you do it then?
We are all different with diverse genetic makeups. So what has or hasn’t worked for you in the past is key to hitting your targets this time.

What types of training/ exercise do you prefer?

The most important point in maintaining regular exercise is enjoyment. You will never stick to anything that you don’t find fun and becomes a chore. So look at what’s on offer. For example, most people enjoy swimming and it can be a fantastic non weight bearing form of exercise. Therefore a cheap gym with no pool has its limitations.

Who would you like to train with?

Think about where your friends train, do you want to be in group classes or training alone?

People motivate people, try and join a gym with a friend that will come with you. (You could also negotiate a better deal if you join as a pair)


The position of your gym is of paramount importance. If you will have to deal with traffic jams and delays at gym time, then you are creating reasons and excuses not to go before you even join.

Take a test drive .

Don,t forget you are the customer. most reputable gyms will allow you at least a trial day pass but push for a week. If you looking to do classes check out the timetable and ask to join in a couple. If your new to the gym environment, its a must to have a good induction. insist on the instructor demonstrating every piece of equipment and ask what each will do for you. Ask for info on all PTs and what sessions cost. I would recommend every person new to the gym negotiate at least one pt session with an experienced REPs registered Personal Trainer. You wouldn't set out to learn to drive without having some lessons or at least advice from a professional, so why take the risk with your fitness and health.

3 Key points to remember in your early days.

1, Rome wasn't built in a day. You certainly didn't become unfit and maybe overweight in a few weeks. Its all about making fitness a lifestyle choice. Please don,t get disheartened and give up in a couple of weeks. Combine a good regular, exercise program with healthy, nutritional eating and you will get results.

2, Ignore the calories burnt statistics on the machines and the same applies to your modern fitness trackers/watches. These can be a simple indicator but its only half the story. Think of your metabolism during exercise as a candle or an oven. Whilst you are training you are turning the heat up and up burning more fuel, but it doesn't stop there. Your metabolism continues to be higher than normal for hours after training as your body uses the fuel (calories/fat ) to repair itself and recover.

3, Don,t ignore the weight room.

Ladies specially are often intimidated by the weights room at the gym, certainly when the buff guys are grunting and groaning.
In most cases girls, these guys just want you to notice them, they may even want to help. Use that to your advantage. Go and have a word, maybe ask to join in with them.
Resistance/ weight training is as important to total fitness as cardio. Girls you wont turn into Arnie overnight by lifting weights. most women don,t have the genes. Muscle burns a good 20% plus more fuel (calories) than fat. So the more lean muscle mass, the more your metabolism increases.

January Mayhem 2

Right then, now I come to the section for regular Gym nuts/ Gym bunnies.
What many of us see as OUR GYMS, our domain. Will be full of newbies, novices getting in our way. A little saying to you. LEAVE YOUR EGO AT THE GYM DOOR.

Remember, We all started Somewhere, Sometime.
Don,t Judge, Don,t moan. Help and encourage as much as you can.


The Welcombe Hotel & Spa Stratford-upon-Avon

Starting Thursday Oct 8th

Thursday 6.30 PM --- 7-15 pm Tabata

Invented by Japanese scientist Dr Izumi Tabata, TABATA is the original form of

H.I.I.T , High Intensity Interval Training.

Each Tabata consists of 8 x 20 seconds working rounds with 10 seconds rest in between.

Wayne uses this method of training, combining cardio-vascular exercises with resistance work.

Optimising both fat burning and muscle building.

SATURDAY 9-30 AM--- 10-30 AM

Bit of Bertie Bassetts (Allsorts)

Using the brand new functional training studio,Gym or Hotel grounds. A bit of Bassetts allows

Wayne to vary the Saturday morning sessions, weekly.

Cardio, resistance with some fun and real fitness.





Meet at the front of the spa ready to start at 9.15

January 2016 Cut the C**P Challenge

Check out The Challenge, click on the link above .

6 pack Abbs

Training hints and tipsPosted by wayne Thu, November 12, 2015 21:35:32
Myths and Magic for your 6-pack

Abbs specific training can have benefits to achieving that 6 pack we all strive for, but on its own and without the correct nutritional diet its very limited.

I feel there are 4 basis to that ripped core look.

1, A good range of compound exercise. performed at least 2 sessions per week.

2, 2 or 3 weekly sessions of HIIT or Tabata to blast the fat.

3, A good low fat,high protein diet with good hydration.

4, Regular 10 to 20 minutes of core specific work on an empty tummy.

1, Compound exercises.

A good compound exercise will utilise a range of muscles to carry out the move as well as stabilize the area you are training.

Getting jiggy with some Adult Cardio

Training hints and tipsPosted by wayne Sun, June 28, 2015 10:49:37
Ok so hear me out with this one. We have all heard the figures dished out on the amount of calories getting jiggy with your partner burns. Well I'm no sexpert and like most forms of exercise, it obviously varies from person to person,position to position and particularly the amount of effort exerted. Bottom line here is back to the simple equation. 👣👣 If the Energy in is greater than energy out then fat is stored. So to adding up those love points. Come on guys use your loaf here. It's no good you reading this, folding down the lap top and letting out " right then love PT Wayne says if I bang you more often you won't be so fat." Use a bit of that charm you once had or have saved for the barmaid at your local when she calls last orders. Why not try a more subtle approach like ? "sweetheart you are doing so well on your diet and really looking good,I actually read today that increasing the amount we make love, by 3 times a week, can help you to burn up to an additional 1200 calories". So what you think guys? That should help towards topping up her tank and helping you towards a few sex credits. Better still she (or he ) may even realise the more effort put into your loving the more calories burned.

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