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Women and Weights

Training hints and tipsPosted by wayne Sun, April 01, 2018 13:26:03
Women and Weights

The biggest thing likely to put women off seriously lifting weights is the thought they will turn bulky and masculine. Of course the bottom picture is fake, but seriously,many women are put off by the thought they will turn into some muscle bound freak show the moment they pick up a dumbell.

That is really so far off the mark. Women just do not have the genes to naturally build that much muscle, Most of the bulky, masculine women you see in some gyms, are certainly taking something to boost their muscle mass.

One of the key differences and this also account for the variation in male to female sex drive , is testosterone. Apart from the main function of the so called sex hormone, testosterone to produce male reproductive tissues such as testes and prostrate. It also promotes secondary sexual characteristics such as muscle building, bone mass and body hair. Put simply, in order to build muscle the body needs testosterone. So when I tell you on average the male body produces about 16 times that of the female, we then start to realise how the she-man effect is created. testosterone is a natural anabolic steroid. The big, bulky muscle bound females will inevitably be taking something, either anabolic steroids, testosterone pills or both. This will also account for the beards and hairy chests smiley.

So we move past the myth and look into the huge benefits to women lifting weights.

1 Huge impact on fat loss.

If your thinking is that weightlifting only benefits those who want shirt-ripping arms? Think again.

Although many people consider weightlifting only a means to add size, when contrasted head-to-head against cardiovascular exercise, resistance training comes out on top in the battle to burn calories.

The huge advantage to weight training is your body's ability to burn fat during and after exercise.
Muscle has a daily metabolic rate roughly 4 times more than fat, meaning. A lean muscular body will use about 4 times more energy, (calories) per day to perform normal body functions. Add this to the exercise you do and your body becomes a fat burning machine.

2 Body shape and curves.

As you build muscle, your body begins to take a nice hourglass shape. Though endurance exercise can help you lose weight, that weight comes in the form of both fat and muscle tissue. The body will use energy from Carb,muscle and fat in that order. The energy required for running , specially long distance running can mean the loss of muscle as well as fat.

If you're losing both fat and muscle, you can lose those lovely curves as well. Strength training can help create and sustain them.

3 More Muscle more calories burnt

As you increase strength and lean muscle mass, your body uses calories more efficiently. Daily muscle contractions from a simple blink to a heavy squat contribute to how many calories you burn in a given day. Sitting burns fewer calories than standing; standing burns fewer than walking, and walking burns fewer than strength training.

The more muscle contractions you experience during a day, the more calories you'll burn. If you have more lean muscle mass, you'll have more muscle contractions and thus burn more calories.

4 Improved Sleep

Strength training greatly improves sleep quality, aiding in your ability to fall asleep faster, sleep deeper, and wake less often during the night.

A study published in the International SportMed Journal suggests that morning resistance training or high intensity training greatly affects the quality of sleep and lengthens the time of sleep the night after training.

5 Healthy Heart

Pumping iron can reduce your risk of heart disease and was approved as a healthy form of exercise for those at risk from both The British Heart Foundation and the American Heart Association. A study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning found that those who lift weights are less likely have heart disease risk factors such as a large waist circumference, high triglycerides, elevated blood pressure, and elevated glucose levels.

Another study conducted by researchers in Brazil found that though the heart rate increased in patients during heavy bouts of training, their blood pressure and resting heart rate were significantly lower the following morning.

6 Bone Health

As you age, you are at risk of losing both bone and muscle mass. Postmenopausal women are at a greater risk for osteoporosis because the body no longer secretes estrogen. Resistance training is an excellent way to combat loss of bone mass, and it decreases the risk of osteoporosis.A study varios studies found that after a year of resistance training, postmenopausal women increased spinal bone mass by 9 percent. The earlier you begin weightlifting, the greater chance you have to maintain bone health later in life.

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Its called Personal Training

Training hints and tipsPosted by wayne Fri, November 24, 2017 16:18:48
Its called Personal Training.

It is called personal training for exactly that reason. A good PT will not only develop and build a specific and personal program designed for your requirements and particular goals but also encourage and evolve a unique professional relationship.

The bondship between a trainer and client will start with a connection, this might be the style of training or particular way they motivate but more often than not its down to personality. Far too often I see PT's sat behind a reception desk, heads down looking at some form of screen. Then they question why they have few clients and struggle to develop business. The only USP they have is THEM . So why these guys and girls don't get out there and talk to people I will never understand ? PT's need to get on the gym floor, showing potential clients what they are about, offer some free advice or maybe demonstrate something different.

These days anyone can download a youtube video or fitness app but how impersonal is that ? Most people know how to exercise or as I have said, they can easily get some internet assistance but a qualified trainer is far better equipped to find the means and motivation to make sure you get results.

So how do you go about looking for a Personal Trainer?

Obviously the first place to start looking is on your own gym floor, watch how the trainers are working. Specifically look at the variation of exercise, how he or she demonstrates and motivates. Once you have a particular trainer in mind check out their credentials!! Now guys I'm not talking biceps here and girls certainly not butts.

By credentials I am talking qualifications, experience, insurance and particularly REP registration. Most reputable fitness establishments insist on membership of REPs. The Register or Exercise Professionals. Reps will have details of each individuals qualification. They will also insist on proof of suitable insurance. In my opinion any reputable Personal Trainer will be a member of their professional body, REPS , If they are not then I would question why. It isn't expensive so my first question to an unregistered PT would be how do you prove your insured and qualified?

Value for money

When you have a trainer in mind but certainly before you commit to any form of program, I suggest you request an email or similar with rates for sessions and what is included. Prices can vary from area to area and trainer to trainer. Also look at the options of training with a friend. Not all trainers do so but I am always keen to offer value by having 1 on 2 or 1 on 3 sessions . I fact I charge the same rate for 1/2/3 clients in a session. Main reason being rest between sets is key when resistance training and most exercise is performed better with a bit of competition and training with a friend or partner can encourage this. Obviously then a £28 session becomes £14 each for 2.

Always consider though, that the cheapest trainer may not offer the best value for money. Check out reviews, ask previous clients or anyone you know they are working with.

Finally before you commit, ask for a consultation, a good pt will usually ask you to complete a questionnaire and par-q . This will be to assess your current fitness levels, your goals and requirements as well any medical issues or considerations. The initial consultation can also sometimes include some testing and maybe weighing and measuring.
Look for a deal, its beneficial to your trainer to fill his diary so you can often get a deal by prepaying for blocks of 10 or so.

Fitness is Fun

Training hints and tipsPosted by wayne Fri, November 24, 2017 15:12:52

You don't want to be losing muscle

There's a really cool, smart machine at my gym,, it measures your body composition in % and kg. It'll tell you how much water you have, muscle mass and fat! Amazing, right!?

I've tested myself 2 weeks ago, and I was positively surprised with the results. 90 points out of 100 for the body composition, 15.8% fat and a decent amount of lean muscle mass. I was chuffed and motivated to push it a bit more. My end goal 13% of body fat to finish "cutting".

After 2 weeks, excited as hell, I jump on the magic machine again just to find out that I LOST WEIGHT, LOST 1 KG OF MUSCLE AND GAINED 0.4% OF FAT

The mother of gains! Why!?

So here's a list of things you need to go through if it happens to you:

✔ PROTEINS - you need a good amount of proteins in your diet to maintain and/or build muscles. Typically 1.5 - 2.0 g per body weight in kg. Definitely not my case as even on my naughty days I make sure I get 140g of proteins. So let's look further...

✔ HYDRATION - your muscles are primarily made up of water. You need to stay hydrated for your body to function properly. Note that even 3% dehydration leads to great loss in muscle strength. Not my case again, as I can easily take in 3- 4 litres of water 🙃 what's next?

✔REST & SLEEP - you need to get a decent amount of sleep and rest in order to recover from hard workouts. Everyone differs, some people need 5 hours of sleep, some 8. You need to find you ideal! Let's dig in deeper!

✔ STRESS - that's what I think have contributed in this slight fat gain. Cortisol - the stress hormone reduces ability to burn fat, makes your cells less sensitive to insulin and raises your levels of fatty acids and tryglicerydes in your blood. I'm going to start doing yoga.

✔ TRAINING - here's where I made the mistake and here's where I'll talk about individuality! We need to be very careful with the training regime we choose when in a calorie deficit. You want to choose the training type that will stimulate your muscles and enhance fat burning.

2 weeks ago I gave a try to a 6,12, 25 method. For 1 muscle group you choose 3 exercises and do them back to back with no rest. First for 6 reps with long eccentric phase, second for 12 reps with 3 sec eccentric phase and last one is 25 rels dynamic 2:1 tempo. You repeat it 5 times.

As I like to go all out in my training I repeat my workouts 2x a week for each muscle group and even add 20 min steady cardio or tabata at the end just because it felt way to quick. That's basically how I must have burnt my muscles!




I am now going back to heavy lifts in max super sets, no more than 12 reps. Focusing on big moves, specially olympic lifts and adding hiit sessions as my cardio.

It's important to choose the training that makes you feel good and gives you results!


Get fit offer

Training hints and tipsPosted by wayne Fri, November 24, 2017 15:06:00

That's £17.25 per session, pre-paid this weekend, valid for 12 months.

Injury,Illness and age

Training hints and tipsPosted by wayne Thu, August 31, 2017 22:34:49

How hard do you find it to to deal with an injury that stops you from training,running or cycling?

Should you train through illness or rest and recover?

They say age is no boundary and I understand the phase but surely its harder at 50 than 25.

Fitness, exercise, diet and lifestyle are always discussed and promoted as key factors in living a full healthy life but are there detrimental factors in training hard.

Lets look at injury first.

I have often said to myself,clients and anyone inclined to listen, that if we were not prepared to run or train through a niggle or mild injury then we would seldom run at all. What I mean is how often do you run and feel completely injury free? Certainly as age creeps up on us it gets harder and harder to recover from exertion. Of course genes play a major part, we all know a Peter Pan than never seems to age and defies every additional year. But to most of us our joints, muscles and bones bare the brunt of time.

So should we ignore these little aches and pains or should we rest and clock up the sessions on the physios table?

Key point here is. I am obviously not a doctor, neither am I a medic of any sort. I know about bones,bodies,joints,muscles etc which helps me make decisions but if your in any doubt, see a medical professional. Having said that most doctors will when pushed admit it isn't an exact science. I'm sure i have told this story before but its very true. I had the old style cartilage operation on my knee at a very early age, 14 actually, a large part of it was trimmed and 2 years later the rest was removed. Both involved cuts and stitches. This procedure makes the joint prone to early arthritis and meant 3 further, Cleaning of the joint, Arthroscopes. 10 years later,age 30, an orthopedic surgeon told me if I was 20 years older then they would do a knee replacement but I was too young. The perfect excuse not to run. Only when I needed to lose weight and get fitter did I forget that excuse and start very slow jogging.This eventually lead to more serious running ( despite my large frame ) and a few sub 140 half marathons. Point being, my knees are far more pain free as a runner than pre-running. Many old school doctors will still advise,running is bad for the knees but more and more are advocating the huge benefits.

Friends 2 Fitness

Training hints and tipsPosted by wayne Tue, October 25, 2016 12:39:26

Friends2fitness Caithy Walker



She fought through pain to make it to the final - Please vote for her?

Caithy Walker - the body 2016 - Womens health UK

After being diagnosed with an incurable back condition, Caithy Walker fought through the pain and taught herself to run again.

AGE: 33

FROM: Manchester

JOB: Secondary school teacher.

Want to know more about Caithy? Watch our interview with the fitspo at this year's judging day.

read more:

Tweet Caithy Here

Weight and Why.

As the nation and in some cases the world gets larger, by which I mean it's people, US.

The health, wealth and general condition of all of us is affected by body weight or more accurately BODY FAT.

Life expectancy now is still an awful lot longer than many years ago but not due to the way we live. Imagine how long the caveman may have lived with current medicines available and advanced clinical technology? This on top of their more natural diet and exercise needed to survive. Most of us now live longer despite our life styles not because of them.

I'm not going to harp on about the obvious cost to our health service etc, but you only have to spend half an hour at your local hospital to view the thousands of people seeking treatment. What percentage of these have ailments at least influenced by lifestyle choices if not caused by them? The smokers crowded around the doors, youngsters with sugary drinks and obese young couples in mobility scooters queuing for their Greggs.

So why, when we all clearly know the positive and negative impact of diet and exercise, do we largely ignore them?

Instead of listing some, take my example. Right from my early twenties I have been prone to add or lose body fat in short periods of time. In fact, I am writing this now to change my mindset and kick start a good few months of positive actions, purely because of other life episodes recently allowing my focus to drop. But when you think that my cardiologist has told me many times that my exercise and lifestyle have kept me alive, why would I let things slip? Even more importantly, why when I have studied and learned all that I have on fitness, would I allow myself to add BODY FAT?

The simple answer is living. Life is always going to throw in a curve ball; stress, work, women, men, kids, adults. Socially, these days life is so much about drinking and eating. How many times have I written Food is for Energy not Entertainment? Well, many of my close friends and family will seriously disagree with that statement and I am a little inclined to agree but still we need a balance. It mustn't just be about consuming as much as some of the fashionable buffet style establishments are willing to allow us to. Quality should always surpass quantity.

If, with all my knowledge and experience in these areas, I can allow myself to lapse into overindulgence and under activity, then why should I deem myself fit to judge any of those people at the hospital I talked about previously. Every minor detail of daily life affects how our brain and body functions. Some of those people could have recently lost someone special, have a terminally ill child or even a less drastic, broken limb. Think back to how a major event in your life, be it positive or negative. Has had a massive effect on your weight. Lots of us lose or gain body fat either during or after similar times.

How to lose body fat.

Before I go into the details of exercise, diet and routine. I want to touch on some points from a book I have just read. I never expected 'No Nonsense', an Autobiography by footballer Joey Barton to have anything like as much thought provoking material in it as it did. Before, during and after digesting this fantastic account of a young scouse guys journey though early adult life in and out of football. I still can't decide if I like or dislike him. But that's just it. I can't, won't and don't need to.

Can't because I don't know him well enough from his book, social media and general media. Won't for those same reasons. But more importantly don't need to. One of the important points Joey makes in his book is our need to judge others. Forget the glass houses scenario. What I mean is why do we need to like or dislike and form opinions on people we know so little about. This not only takes me back to the people at the hospital whom we so often judge but more often the people a lot closer to us. Use your wife, husband or partner now as an example. Do you love or even like every single thing about her or him, all of the time? Of course not, you don't even love every aspect of yourself.

What we do is love the important parts and forgive the differences. The same needs to be applied to others. Take the pluses from people around you and except the differences. From that life will be so much more positive and with so many more acquaintances you will broaden your horizons and knowledge.

I will reflect on other aspects of the book soon but the relevance of the the last paragraph to me are these 3 points.

1. Friends encourage positive thoughts and actions. See my website

2. Knowledge is key. From people, people learn.

3. A happy mind makes for a happy body.

Right then. Down to the facts. How to lose BODY FAT.

This is where we come back to the quote. Food is for energy, the fact is, the only way to lose body fat is to consume less calories than you burn. It doesn't really matter where your calories come from, as one calorie is one calorie. Well, perhaps not as simple as that, and using the car analogy again, the better the quality fuel you put into the engine, the better it will run. By now we should hopefully all be aware of previous misguided information given to us by government medical officials concerning fats and sugars. If not then please, take time to read the article at the end of this paragraph .Fat in foods is not so much the negative substance we were lead to believe. The biggest cause of body fat is SUGAR. We need good fats such as nuts, avocado and dairy product for our body to survive. Even more scary is the fact that the body is so clever that if we deprive it of fat then it will hang on to any stores it has, hence that muffin top over your jeans you never seem to shift. Simple carbohydrates (sugars) found in most pre-produced products,our body uses the energy required and then stores the remainder as fat. 

What’s worse for me: fat or sugar?

BHF dietitian Victoria Taylor says:

This question has been a hot topic in the press, with arguments raging back and forth, but it shouldn’t be a choice between the two.

We have good evidence that there is a link between saturated fat and raised cholesterol levels, while there is also an issue in relation to the amount of sugar we eat and our weight. This means that, as well as cutting down on foods high in saturated fat and replacing saturated fats like butter with unsaturated fats like rapeseed, olive or sunflower oils, it’s important to keep an eye on the amount of added sugar we are eating, or that is in our drinks, so that we don’t end up consuming too many calories.

A healthy diet consists of foods from five different food groups: fruit and vegetables; bread, rice, potatoes, pasta and other starchy carbohydrates; meat, fish, eggs, beans and other non-dairy sources of protein; milk and dairy foods; and foods and drinks high in fat and/or sugar, and it’s better for us to focus our attention on the overall balance of these.

If we are eating too much of one food group, then it means there is less room for another in our diet. So rather than focus on cutting out, think about what you could be eating more of.

Swap your fatty and sugary snacks for fruit and vegetables and have good helpings of these at mealtimes too. Go for low-fat milk and dairy products, ditch the white starchy carbohydrates for wholegrain versions, and choose pulses and fish instead of processed or fatty meat, for example. You will be well on your way to a healthy balance that is low in saturated fat and added sugar.

See our list of surprisingly sugary foods

See our infographic showing how much sugar is in different foods

Read 6 things you didn't know about sugar

Meet the expert

Victoria Taylor is a registered dietitian with more than ten years’ experience. Her work for the NHS focused on weight management and community programmes for the prevention of cardiovascular disease. At the BHF she advises on diet and nutrition.

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Going back to Joeys book quickly. A friend of his, Steve Black, introduced him to Kaizan, a Japanese concept mainly used in businesses like Toyota. I was previously made aware of this means of continuous improvement, back in 2006. I have dipped in and out of the concept but really wished I'd have used it more. Kaizan is is all about continuous improvement using short incremental steps, making minor adjustments for small improvements. Take this out of business and into everyday life, so for example, how easy would it be to do 10 press ups a day ? Or 15 Squats. What about cutting out one weekend night of drinking or dropping a takeaway once a week. Small steps towards a bigger goal.

Another key point is planning. My clients best results come from a plan or program, in fact so do mine. How often have you walked into the gym without a clue of what you intend to do, these sessions become disjointed and miss directional. With a program, its structured, pre-prepared and you are ready to go. The same goes for food, plan and prepare your food. All these things are small incremental steps towards a bigger goal. You probably didn't add the body fat in a few weeks so don't expect to lose it in days.

Now for calorie counting, every man and his dog seems to currently use a Fitbit or similar device to count steps or calories burned. If I had a £ for every person that says to me " I've only burned 200 calories on that treadmill, that's not even a kitkat ," or similar,I would be a rich man. Rubbish,

1. The devices are only as accurate as the information you put into them.

2. Even more importantly, exercise and your metabolism is well compared to an oven. Turn up the heat by exercising and your body continues to burn more calories after you finish and start to recover. Repairing muscle can use more energy for hours after training. Just like the oven stays hot, your body continues to recover. So those 200 calories burned on the exercise machine can turn into 400 or 500.

I recommend you ask a local pt or nutritionist to work out your metabolic rate and apply a current rate of exertion. This gives you a good starting point to your recommended daily energy intake. Then gauge you calories consumed using my fitness pal or similar. Drop 200 or 250 off your daily intake and guess what? Over a week that's between 1400 and 1750 calories. SMALL INCREMENTAL STEPS.

One of the easy ways to lose those few calories daily is by substituting something not so calorific for some of your high calorie foods.


So many peoples weight and fat problems are caused by the sugars in alcoholic drinks, empty calories with no nutritional value at all. A perfect example of the fat/sugar argument. Beer, wine or spirits contain little or no fat but we all know how they affect the belly area. My best time for weight and body fat management came when I had a 3 year spell of alcohol abstinence, completely tea total.

So why would I start drinking again? The simple answer again is life, parts of life for me became boring. Party's or social events were not really the same and friends said "you've changed." Originally it was a few beers, once a month maybe but more recently and yet again due in my eyes to major life events, Personal reasons not for this blog. But things like House moves, holidays etc, My social activities have also increased, with which comes alcohol as well as food. So believe me, I'm no different to anyone of us and yet again I need to change. Not so drastic this time but small incremental steps towards the bigger goal. This is easy done by restricting myself to small amounts of alcoholic drinks for social nights not every weekend night or even every night.


We all think we know what exercise is and how to exercise but I disagree. Many times I am asked, "why can't I lose weight? I walk 4 miles a day with the dog." Or very similar questions. That is an activity our body should do naturally. We are designed to move, not to sit or lay. Exercise is about building up a sweat and getting the heart rate elevated. Optimum fat burning is estimated to be at about 80% of our maximum heart rate, your rarely achieve that walking the dog. There are basic equations to estimate maximum heart rates. See below but again, one session with a PT doing a stress test or similar will give you more accurate assessment.

The art is to exercise smart rather than long. I am not necessarily selling my services here but taking out an exercise plan with a good PT can be hugely successful. Even if you think you exercise well, a professional trainer can get you those hard to reach results. Jessica Ennis or Mo Farrah hire their trainers not because they are better athletes than them but because they have the knowledge and skills to improve performance and results.

Training smart to me, means HIIT, high intensity interval training. Don't get me wrong slow steady state exercise has its place, especially when training for an endurance event and I love nothing better than my Sunday run club 10km or more, but on its own the benefits are limited. Unless you incorporate some hill sprints or similar the heart rate will probably only be about 50 to 60 %. HIIT allows you to get the heart rate elevated to a higher level that you couldn't maintain for longer periods, short periods of rest then allow you to go again. A 20 minute high interval session can have as positive an affect as an hour out cycling or running.

My next 4 weeks training plan.

Sunday. AM Run club. Slow steady state fasting run.

Sunday PM 20 press ups. 25 lunges each leg. 30 squats. 10 minutes

Adrian James six pack abbs workout.

Monday AM 20 minutes treadmill sprints.

Monday PM. Chest Session.

4 sets flat bench press dumbbells. Heavy 30 plus kg

4 x 25 reps pec deck endurance sets. 65% 1rm

8 x 8 reps cable flys.

4 x 10 reps Arni pull overs.

4 x 10 reps standing chest press cables.

4 x 8 reps incline bench press.

Tuesday. AM 20 press-up. 25 lunges each leg. 30 squats. 10 mins Adrian James 6 pack abbs. (See above Link)

Tuesday PM 10 minute Wattbike challenge. Leg session.

4 x 15/12/10/8 heavy reps. Leg press

4 x 10 sets calf raises.

4 x 25 reps leg extensions 70% 1rm

4 x 10 reps each leg. Bulgarian split squats.

4 x 25 reps seated hamstring curls.

1 x 100 reps body weight squats.

Wednesday AM 4 x 25 reps press ups.

Wednesday PM Back session

4 times wide arm pull ups too failure.

4 x 25 reps latte pull down. Wide over hand grip

4 x 25 rep inners underhand grip

4 x 8 reps dead lift. Heavy.

8 x 8 reps reverse cable cross overs.

5 x 25 reps seated row.

Thursday AM 4 x 25 reps. Sit ups.

Thursday PM 10 minute Wattbike challenge.

Small muscle groups. Biceps and triceps.

45 minutes Tabata.

Friday AM 25 press ups. 20 lunges each leg. 100 squats

Friday PM. Active recovery, 20 minutes walk, cycle or swim.

Saturday AM. Shoulders session.

4 x 8 reps seated dumbbell shoulder press heavy.

3 x 10 rep shoulder circuit light dumbbell. Continuous, front raise,lateral raise. Rugby balls, crucifix, standing press.

4 x 8 reps superset. Barbell press 8 behind head 8 in front.

4 x 25 lateral raise cables.

3 x 8 dumbbell shrugs. Heavy.


The Man In The Glass

Peter Dale Wimbrow Sr.

When you get what you want in your struggle for self

And the world makes you king for a day

Just go to the mirror and look at yourself

And see what that man has to say.

For it isn’t your father, or mother, or wife

Whose judgment upon you must pass

The fellow whose verdict counts most in your life

Is the one staring back from the glass.

He’s the fellow to please – never mind all the rest

For he’s with you, clear to the end

And you’ve passed your most difficult, dangerous test

If the man in the glass is your friend.

You may fool the whole world down the pathway of years

And get pats on the back as you pass

But your final reward will be heartache and tears

If you’ve cheated the man in the glass.

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Hope you enjoyed the read and good luck with your training.

Wayne Martin Personal Trainer



Training hints and tipsPosted by wayne Thu, September 15, 2016 15:17:18


After various stage of assessing life after my Heart Attacks. The major thing I now have straight in my head is this.

We have one life, no rehearsals, no going back and certainly no second chances. I have made numerous mistakes in my life but I have now come to terms with putting all that behind me.

The last Heart Attack being the biggy, the one that scared me as I thought I was a gonna. Changed my thought process a lot.

The what ifs, how would a different outcome have affected me and everyone else. I am not going to go into the private things this has forced on me or the people involved but what I will explain is my changes, both mentally and physically.

Those that know me well know of my passion for fitness. Many would have described it as an obsession. Rightly so for a long time it took over my life.

Imagine your doctor, or in my case cardiologist telling you something had saved your life. For me that was my fitness. “Wayne if it wasn’t for your high levels of fitness you probably wouldn’t be here”. Of course it was going to remain high priority but for me it took over my life. That and my fragile mental state after the last episode cost me my marriage, some very close friends and very nearly an awful lot more.

What I had become was not really a very nice person; I was selfish and self centred. My fitness and health came above living. No drinking, completely teatotal. No socialising, I wouldn’t eat out as I couldn’t trust finding anything healthy. My time was purely about me.

Yes I Trained my clients and gave them my full focus and knowledge but lots of that was still about me. About me proving something to myself.

So what’s changed?

Simple really! I realised I was working so hard at trying to stay alive that I wasn’t really living.

Today’s Wayne World is all about living. Living everyday to the max.

Yes my training and health is still very important to me but it doesn’t get in the way of life.

Everything in moderation is the key.

Have a drink but don’t have to drink to access.

Treat yourself to a meal out or a cheat day but not every day.

Pick an event, sport or goal to train for, but don’t train for the sake of it. Especially not overtraining.

As for friends and family,

Yes put yourself first but not at the expense of others.

If what you do has a negative impact on someone else’s life, let them go. Let them go and do what is best for them.

One life for you ------------ LIVE IT

One life for everyone ---------------- LET THEM LIVE IT


ChallengesPosted by wayne Fri, August 26, 2016 16:13:35


One of the country's top running events is Towyns Race The Train.

Event Description

This unique event is a must for all multi - terrain runners. Many competitors return regularly to try and better their performance or just beat that train while others have run nearly every year since the races started. Most serious runners have heard about it either from their friends, TV, or the press so if you haven’t already competed perhaps this year is the time to attempt it. These events also give you the additional challenge of not only racing your fellow competitor’s but also the Train. Having been televised world-wide on several occasions we have attracted many runners from abroad coming from as far away as New Zealand, Australia, America, Hong Kong, Africa etc.

ace the Train takes place alongside as far as practicable the route taken by the Talyllyn Railway on its journey to Abergynolwyn and back. In order to do this all courses use a mixture of public roads, lanes, un-metalled roads, tracks, agricultural land, and rough grazing pastures. The terrain varies all the time and can be very wet & muddy in places, the routes also ascend and descend quite steep terrain and runs on narrow footpaths with little chance of overtaking. Often the Train, or for many runners the track, is just over the fence and in many places if you coincide with the train your family friends, if they are on the train, will be able to shout encouragement to you. A lot of the course is across private land only open for the race so pre & post race inspection of the courses is not possible. All courses are marshalled, well signed, and provided with refreshment / water points along the way. There are members of the Red Cross, Qualified Nursing Staff, & Medical cover over the course. Raynet (Amateur Radio) co-ordinates services should any problems arise. In the afternoon for the main race we normally also have an Ambulance on standby. Remember it is your legal duty to assist any runner with serious problems. You will see that all the races are designated as having approximate distances. This is because we have to alter the course slightly almost every year often in the last few days before the race to accommodate local conditions. These variations are often only slight but invalidate any official measurements of the courses. Usually they tend to balance out and the distance remains virtually the same.

The Talyllyn Railway was the first of the small railways to be rescued by a preservation society, and is now one of the Great Trains of Wales. You can take your family on the train at any time to show them where you have run; or where you propose running. Also if you are visiting at any other time the train runs normally from Easter to late Autumn plus specials over Christmas and the New Year.

All activities are centred on the local school sports ground adjacent to Talyllyn Railway Wharf Station. On race day the route to the field is properly signed, and since we are only a small town impossible to miss. Once on the field you will find registration, changing rooms with showers etc. Other facilities include; refreshments, bar, children's amusements, and various displays by the Police, Fire Service, Coast Guards, Outward Bound, Snowdonia National Park, etc.

As usual we shall have a variety of "Race the Train " merchandise for sale including sweatshirts / T-shirts / vests / mugs etc. some exclusively designed to celebrate this year.

Spectators can enjoy watching the races by travelling on the Race trains, but the capacity is, of course, limited. For the main races we run a second train as soon as legally allowed after the race train and it may be that if you are a slower runner your family / friends would have a better chance of seeing you from this train.

I must stress that the courses are run over private land except for approximately the first and last miles, which are on public roads. Because this land is in use and we run the races with the permission and co-operation of the farmers who own it. The course must not be used at any other time. failure to comply with this request could result in cancellation of future events. It is also for this reason that we do not publish in advance a map of the course, but you will find a general one displayed in the information tent and in the programme.

Since the route is quite hilly in some places you are advised to consider bringing adequate footwear especially if weather conditions produce a wet and slippery course (fell running shoes would be considered appropriate).

Action Heart Suicide Six

The Action Heart Suicide Six is exactly as it sounds, 6 gruelling miles of Baggeridge Country Park.
Taking place in November the course is guaranteed to be wet, slippy and the notorious mud road, very boggy.

Not for the faint hearted runner have to deal with a very hilly race, together with both water crossings and the appropriately named steps to Hell.

Don't be put off though, this event is a fantastic challenge and a great way of testing your mental and physical endurance.

It is also very popular with runners from all over the country so keep a look out for the entry date online.

An event you must not miss.

PT Wayne Current Rates

I have some special rates for September 15 sessions used by any family member. 1 on 1 or couples etc for £345 = £23 per session. To be taken anytime within 12 months. 10 sessions. Same deal. £240 = £24 per session again family for 12 months. 6 sessions £150 = £25 per session valid for 6 months. 3 sessions £82.50 = £27.50 1 offs for £30 per session All for pre payed preferred bank transfer. I would normally recommend minimum of 6 to achieve most goals.

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